Germany: Frankfurt am Main – In 24hrs

Frankfurt is mainly known as the most international city in Germany both now and then. In the historical times it hosted coronations, Goethe and the Frankfurt School, now it is the largest financial center of the country. As it is a small city, you can discover most if it in a day, indeed between joint flights.

There is a wide metro line (U-Bahn) and all the historical and touristic squares are really close to each other.  Once you get to the Frankfurt Hbf (Main Train Station) you can walk through the shopping streets and reach main touristic points easily.

How to get to the city center from Frankfurt International Airport:

→ On the airport, chase the metro line (U-Bahn) S8 or S9 to the Frankfurt Hbf station. There are only 3 stations between airport and Frankfurt Hbf (city center). 

→ U-Bahn tickets are available in the stations and it is recommended to buy a daily ticket to save money and time at the same time.


During our stay in Frankfurt, we preferred Comfort Hotel City Center which was really close to the Frankfurt Hbf. It was actually so close that we could see the train station’s historical building from the window of our hotel room.  Unless you are looking for a fancy place with more facilities, you can book a room there. However, I should warn that It is located on the Moselstraße (Mossel Street), famous for its strip clubs. So it can be a bit scary – but not dangerous- during the night.

Paulsplatz & The Römerberg 


Due to the lack of time, we couldn’t visited any museums. But we had just enough time to make a wide sightseeing tour on foot. Starting from the Mossel Street, our first stop was Paulsplatz where you can find the Paulskirche. It is a lovely square and St. Paul’s Church is well known with its political history. It is a memorial to the start of German democracy, now hosting concerts & exhibitions.

Just across the Paulsplatz, you can find  The Römerberg – Frankfurt’s Old Town Center (Altstadt). As far as we learnt from a local, Römerberg was totally destroyed during the World War II by the heavy bombardments. Soon after the war, all the historical houses were reconstructed as basic, grey armoured concrete, just to keep the locals in their houses. The eastern row of the Römerberg is characterised by frame houses, which were re-built in 1986 according to historical plans to preserve the heritage.

It contains the St. Nicholas Church, the Historical Museum, the Justice Fountain at its center and the six traditional-style buildings of the Ostzeile. Actually, it was the only historical view from Frankfurt city center.

“Frankfurter Bratwurst”


Near Römerberg, you can find some local cafés, restaurants and souvenir shops. We had  a quick look on almost each of them and at the end we chose the best ones, I guess…

It is a MUST to taste famous Bratwurst, German sausage, made from veal, pork or beef in Frankfurt. Accompanied with a glass of cold beer, it is actually delicious. You can choose the type of bread and sausage or select a set menu with optional side foods.

Hanz & Franz can be a great location for a quick bite for lunch if you seek to taste some traditional Frankfurter Bratwurst.

“A little sweet break ♥”


It is an important warning to spare some appetite for dozens of tasty desserts and chocolates after that traditional Frankfurter street food. While walking through the Main River, we came across a tiny local café called Condit Couture with more than ten types of cakes in its window.

There were so much desserts that we had difficulty to make the best choice among them. But, Viennese sachertorte with whipped cream and honey-chestnut cake can be strongly recommended.

I would also taste fresh passion fruit cheesecake if I wasn’t full enough. Maybe you can taste and let me know about the taste I missed 😉

  River Main – The Eiserner Steg


As “Frankfurt am Main” means Frankfurt on the River Main, we kept walking through the Altstadt and found a lovely park along the River Main. This park, along the river is like a social area to meet and attend some sportive activities such as canoeing, running or riding a bike. There was a lovely weather on the beginning of September and we enjoyed it very much.


We walked on The Eiserner Steg and got across the river on foot. It is a picturesque footbridge leading over the river Main in the city of Frankfurt. Like in many other cities on rivers, you may find lots of colorful locks with lovers’ names carved on them and locked on the Eiserner for good. This bridge was also totally destroyed at the World War II, but rebuilt shortly afterwards in the year of 1946. In 1993 it had been fully renovated.

Main Tower


Main Tower is a 56-storey, 200 m skyscraper in the Innenstadt district of Frankfurt. The building is 240m when its antenna spire is included. It is worth watching sunset on it and enjoying breath-taking 360° view of Frankfurt city. The observation deck is open for visits on public holidays during summer time from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and during wintertime from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Adults: EUR 6,50 (MAIN TOWER Ticket Shop – only in German)
Students: EUR 4,50*
Family ticket:
EUR 17,50 (2 adults, 2 children aged 6 to 12 years)
EUR 2,00 (for each additional child)
Group ticket: EUR 4,50 per person (from groups of 30)
School pupils: EUR 4,00 per person (from groups of 30)

please click for more info about Main Tower.

SONY DSCUp at Night

As it is a 24 hrs tour, it may be a good idea to spend your time up at night. We had an early bus ticket to Strasbourg the next day, that’s why we chose a night club closest to our hotel, called Velvet Club. It was a nice one and most probably you can come upon a special concept party. For example it was a date night when we went there. There is no obligation to attend those parties, you can also enjoy by yourself and just benefit the atmosphere.

please click for more info about Velvet Club.

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