France: Strasbourg, An Epic Tour

Strasbourg is famous for its magical aura which makes you feel like wandering in the Wonderland with Alice due to the romantic views on its canals and candy-bar like colorful houses. It is located close to the border with Germany in the historic region of Alsace and the capital city of the Grand Est region […]

Germany: Frankfurt am Main – In 24hrs

Frankfurt is mainly known as the most international city in Germany both now and then. In the historical times it hosted coronations, Goethe and the Frankfurt School, now it is the largest financial center of the country. As it is a small city, you can discover most if it in a day, indeed between joint flights. There is a wide metro […]

Greek Island: Lesvos-Mytilene

LESVOS (Lesbos – Λέσβος) is the 3rd biggest among the Greek Islands located in the north eastern Aegean Sea and generally referred to Mytilene after its Port and the capital city.  Also it is the birthplace of the female lyric poet Sappho who is a symbol of female homosexuality; the common term lesbian  derived from Sappho due to the  Lesbos Island. It […]